Ferrari's great history began in the 1930s. At the time, Scuderia Ferrari participated in car competitions under the Alfa Romeo brand. But on January 1, 1939, Alfa Romeo decided to run under his own name. Enzo Ferrari is at the time of the orders of the Scuderia. Alfa Romeo proposes to Enzo Ferrari to create a new economy but this one refuses and leaves the Italian manufacturer. He then launched himself and created his own company called "Avio Costruzioni". This company was born in Modena. It is in 1947 that the first Ferrari will make its appearance. This is the Ferrari 125 S in an Italian competition. The first Ferrari touring car is the 166 MM, which has many mechanical elements in common with the model dedicated to the race, the Ferrari 166 Sport. The sport model of Ferrari, designed for the competitions, will win many successes from his arrival on the slopes. This will make Ferrari a benchmark for sports cars in the late 1940s. The 1960s will be a turning point for the Ferrari brand. First of all, the Italian brand seeks to finance its car races which are particularly expensive. For this, Ferrari is launching the production of models in large quantities. It launches the 250 GTE model that meets the expectations of a new clientele wishing to combine sports model and family model. A new clientele can then drive a Ferrari, This model will be a great success and will be the first model of Ferrari produced in series. Thus began the history of the brand Cabré horse. Subsequently, the successes and the creation of models of exceptions will punctuate the course of this great brand. From red to yellow to black, the Ferrari brand has always remained faithful to its values.

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